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Mid-Office/Back-Office Overview

Mid-office and back office systems allow brokers to monitor customer accounts, providing both real-time updates and end of day reports. Many of these reports are stipulated by the regulators. A matching engine is the core software component of an electronic exchange. It matches buy and sell orders and executes trades. In some cases, they can support complex matching models, to allow request for quotes and market maker quote matching.

The Touch-Fire solution was built many years ago with the assumption that the system should be truly flexible, and account information should be updated in real-time, not at the end of the day. Our initial requirements included exchange venues and users operating in multiple timezones, multiple currencies, multiple languages, and multiple asset classes governed by multiple regulators. All of these concepts were built into the solution, and it has gone through several iterations, as technologies change, and better models emerge. It has been battle tested on high volume, high frequency traders, routing millions of orders through the system every day, 23 hours per day for years on end (since 2012). Our customer love partnering with us as we can add new functionality easily and support new initiatives at a much lower cost than other approaches.

We have served brokerage firms, banks, financial institutions, traditional Exchanges and crpto-currency exchanges.

Product Management


  • Support for Exchange traded Futures, Options, FX and CFD futures, Equities and Crypto spot and futures.
  • Product model supporting multiple settlement models and regulation models.
  • Low touch process for adding new instruments to existing systems (ie. Zero cost).
  • Flexible Instrument codes mapping on all connectivity.
  • Automated instrument processing wherever possible.

High Throughput Clients

High Throughput Clients

Built to handle multiple international High Frequency Traders and market makers, with the level of service they expect. Handling of related HFT requirements such as Kill Switch, configurable Cancel on disconnect options, drop copies, and gateway monitors and of course risk monitors.

Account and User Management

Account and User Management

  • Configurable multi-level account structure, supporting everything from single user retail accounts to multi-account institutional clients and white-label Intermediary brokers.
  • Broker controlled User role provisioning, allowing configurable user functionality.
  • Single Sign-On application switching
  • Custom account access settings



Highly qualified remote support team available whenever the system is running. Real-time system monitoring of all components accross the system. Scheduled processes supporting multiple timezones and holiday calendars (eg. No summertime adjustments to make). All processes share a common backup/failover model monitored from a common dashboard. Easily configured import/exports and report generation without code changes.

Additional Services

Integrating the back office into existing infrastructure is a breeze, with configurable, low-code integration functionality.

Custom account and risk management processes can be integrated with little or no core functionality changes.

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